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"Sound is the medicine of the future"
      -Edgar Cayce-
" Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Lucid Dream
Gabor Hideg


"This was the first Sound Bath I’ve attended and it was magnificent.
A truly therapeutic experience like no other I’ve felt before.
Susan and Gabriel create harmonic layers of sounds using Shamanic drums, Chimes, Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and other instruments.
Initially intrigued by the instruments, I started to name them. Then I brought myself back to the breath, focussing on the sounds purely as sounds.
It was incredible how the waves of sounds flowed in and out of each other – I am a big fan of chakra meditation as I find the visuals very helpful.
Therefore this session brought with it a lot of colour – mainly purples and greens. It was hard to believe that the time spent was an hour. Time really is swift when you’re having fun!
The session was completed with some (more) gorgeous vegan desserts and tea, courtesy of Susan’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN"

                                                                                          -LixiPixi Hart


"Thanks for great sound bath session amazing instruments and heavenly and earthly sounds this afternoon recharging inspiring and so restful for us all."

- Alessandro (QI Gong Teacher)

Of all sound therapies.

I've seen this was with the richest number of instruments AND singing.

Amazing impact and vibrations affecting the body, mind and soul! It cleared my chest and head pains, energized and purified me.I liked all sounds, but the last part really made me smile as I visualised been sprinkled with magic dust when Gabriel and Susan walked between us with gentle sounds.

-Hristina Vitanova

"We thank you very much.
It was wonderful.
I would just like to express my feelings about how enlightening, rejuvenating, refreshing and relieving the miracle that Gabu and Suzu perform is.
I have been to a few sound baths before and have enjoyed them very much. HOWEVER, the sound bath that Gabu and Suzu performed far surpassed them all, and I say this in all honesty. Thank you for this amazing journey.
The beautifully made and composed art delivered huge amounts of love to every cell in my body.
Bless you and always believe in yourself Gabu because you are performing miracles, which we as people need very dearly.
Lots of fun, good experiences, love and peace for everyone.
And a special thank you for giving me the opportunity to buy your CD, so that I may listen to it at home.
We wish you continued soaring in the happiness filled land of creation.
Lots of love

                                                                                                                         -Pusztai Anett

"Thank you for the amazing and wonderful sound bath experience, a beautiful meditation to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Beautiful instruments make wonderous sounds to raise healing vibrations...when's the next one?"


"Szeretném megköszönni, hogy részt vehettem a mai hangfürdőn, mindamellett, hogy furcsa módon egyszerre volt hihetetlenül megnyugtató és feltöltő, rengeteget segített is. Pedig majdnem úgy döntöttem, hogy el sem megyek , mivel lassan két hete elég erősen köhögtem és féltem, hogy zavarni fogom vele a többiek nyugalmát. De aztán úgy gondoltam, hogy mégiscsak megpróbálom, legfeljebb majd csöndben kiosonok, ha tényleg problémát jelentenék. 
Szóval egy kicsit félve, de bizakodóan vágtam bele a hangfürdőbe, remélve, hogy nem lesz gond. Nem volt. Egész végig egyetlen egyszer sem kellet köhögnöm, de ami még elképesztőbb; hogy azóta sem! Teljesen megszűnt! El sem tudom mondani, hogy mennyire hálás vagyok ezért! Lehet, hogy nem tűnik nagy dolognak, de nekem elég sokszor megkeseríti az életem és rettentően boldog vagyok nem kell még hetekig szenvedni vele.
Még egyszer; köszönöm az élményt"

                                                                                                                 -Verebi Alexandra

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"Thank you for an amazing sound bath experience yesterday. My friends and I were feeling great after our wonderful journey of sounds. Your amazing birthday cakes and chatting to all the interesting and fun people added to your special day!

Wonderful sound journey with the addition of those amazing birthday cakes, very good company and laughter. Thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon."


                                                                  -Imelda O'Shaughnessy

"I had the great pleasure to be invited by Susan and Gabriel Hideg to convert the sounds of their wonderful sound bath to colour-light.

Their sound bath involves a hall where people relax comfortably on mats on the floor and Susan and Gabriel position their unique musical instruments at key acoustic positions. For more information visit: All their instruments are made of natural materials – wood, metal, sand, paper and skin. This is a key to healing as only music from natural instruments affects the body in harmony with its own biological rhythm. Modern synthesisers and electronic music cut-off the vibrations and modulate them.

Gabriel has authored unique sound compositions that can be found here and here

Our amazing experiment on 23-rd of October 2016 combined 3 therapies into one sound, colour and light therapy where our guests enjoyed the vibration of the sound through their bodies, but also the benefits of absorbing the colour lights through the reflex points in their eyes. Because the sound was converted to colour lights and in sync the impact was many-fold and very intense.

Musical instruments made of natural materials also give out pure and beautiful colours when their sounds are converted. They can be seen in the white panels between the beams on the ceiling. Ideally the colour lights should have been projected on a levelled white ceiling, but we didn’t have a choice in that venue.

It is also important to notice that in some cases the lights were flashing and converting, but the projection on the ceiling disappeared. The people were still hearing the sounds and felt the vibrations. This can happen in 2 occasions:

- When the sounds go into the infrared spectrum. In this case the projected light goes to very dark red or brown and then disappears. High frequency colours such as white and blue switch off.
- When the sounds go into the Ultraviolet spectrum. In this case we see a very bright white colour and the low frequency colours – red, green and blue are switched off.

Combination of instruments: Some of the combined instruments gave out white or purple colours while the accompanying sound – red or green. When this happens, the combined sound waves penetrate the energy meridians of the body – the chakras and balance them.

Enjoy the magic!

I, Susan and Gabriel will be delighted to see you at our next events.."