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"Sound is the medicine of the future"
      -Edgar Cayce-
" Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Homemade Raw Vegan Desserts

   Welcome in the World of Raw          Vegan Desserts!

*100% Nutrition, Enzyme, Fibre
*Vitamins, Minerals

We started our journey towards raw about 4 years ago.
We started off by becoming a vegetarian.
After about a year of this, we went vegan for another year.
From there we went all the way to 100% raw and then finally slid comfortably into a diet of high raw and along with some cooked foods.
Through this process we learned to really listen to our body and feed it accordingly.
So it became our heart and our service to incessantly share with others what we was learning, and to inspire them to increase the fresh foods in their diet. We love showing people that eating healthy can be fun and delicious. So in the end, we have to say that our raw foods adventure has not only effected us physically but also on an emotional and mental level, opening up doors that we never knew existed.

It is safe to say that raw foods are our culinary soulmate.

Our slogen is:

*Egg free
*Dairy free
*Palm oil free
*Honey free
*Soya free
*Wheat and gluten free
*Refined sugar free
*No preservatives added

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